Gary R Hillerson, M.A.

About Gary Hillerson

Gary Hillerson is a longtime Santa Cruz resident who worked in the high tech world for twenty years before deciding to return to school and start a career in counseling in the late 1980s. Since then he has split his time among various ventures:

Technical Consulting, with 40 years of experience in the software world as a designer, developer, and manager, and 20 years of running StyleEase Software, as its founder, President, and chief developer.
Business Consulting, advising non-profit organizations and health care professionals on technical issues including web design and development
Counseling, with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and 20 years of professional work with men, women, and couples.
Fine bookbinding, with several years experience, an active apprenticeship, and a number of recent, well-received shows.

Gary earned his  Master’s Degree in Depth Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 1991, where he concentrated on men's issues, gender studies, group dynamics, and the impact of technology on psychology. After graduating, Gary offered counseling for individuals, couples, and groups.

Gary has also spent over forty years working in the high technology world, as an entrepreneur, software engineer, project manager, and information architect. He consulted for companies including Apple Computer, Google, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Motorola. In 1994, Gary started StyleEase Software, which has enjoyed major success by providing the world's best APA format software, used by college students to format academic documents and references.

Gary raised two daughters as a single father, is an avid golfer and kayaker, and enjoys spending as much time as possible in Hawaii, on Kealakekua Bay (Big Island) and Hanalei Bay (Kauai). He is married to Susan Parrish, piano teacher extraordornaire, and frequently enjoys playing classical duets with her.

 Gary In Hawaii

Gary is a veteran leader of men's groups, and has been involved with a variety of men's workshops, leadership councils, and drum circles since 1992. He has lead a number of long-term men's groups in Santa Cruz since the mid 1990s.